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so what could be weirder than a page all about weirdness? well, a lot of things actually. true weirdness should always be a group effort. that's why WE NEED YOUR HELP! no one should leave this place without leaving some weirdness behind them. so, sign the book as you feel led. you'll feel better about yourself afterwords.

HOO-RAH!!!!!! so many weirdos rising in answer to the bugle call of the lovely lola 220! lola apologizes profusely concerning temporary neglect of her fellow weirdos. (seek explanations elsewhere. like the home page.) PLEASE, PLEASE, my dear, beloved weirdos, feel free to express yourselves. SPREAD SOME WEIRDNESS. Also, there is a very attractive 6-toed foot who would love to hear from you.

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(hurray! booga booga! we got our first signing! i think the question of the day would be: how on earth did you stumble into Princess Lola 220's site? but no matter, we thank you muchly and hope that you are followed by many more weirdos to come.)

Experience the 
weirdness Hi, I'm Princess Lola 220, and I'm a weirdo.

Would you like to join us?

We don't suffer from insanity. We enjoy every minute of it.

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