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alrighty. these will be listed as they come to me. all weirdnesses are based on actual experience. if you have experienced a weirdness, or are a weirdness, please feel free to describe the weirdness to me and i will post it.

basically, a weirdness can include something endearingly bizarre, or any experience during which your head started playing background music taken from "the twilight zone," or that generally left you confused and wondering where the hell you were.

WEIRDNESS NUMERO UNO: all four years of high school. nuff said.

WEIRDNESS NUMERO DOS: the girl in the room above mine who thought the sprinkler head might be a good place to hang her clothes. it wasn't. we were both flooded out of our rooms.

WEIRDNESS NUMERO TRES: when you're little, and they tell you you can be whatever you want when you grow up, IT'S A TRICK. they do that so they can laugh at you later when you tell them you want to be a bird. i think we can generalize this generally to: adults are weird.

WEIRDNESS NUMERO CUATRO: the people in the park who get really high and then try to shoot the pigeons with their fingers. actually, that's kinda sad.

WEIRDNESS NUMERO CINCO: okay, this weirdness page needs help. i have a memory like a big hole. somebody help me out here, i know there are weirdnesses out there somewhere.