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hello! and welcome! this site is open to anyone who is "weird," which actually means everyone, as proven on the page entitled, "you are weird: a proof." however, it is likely that only a few select weirdos will be at all amused or interested in the ramblings contained herein, as many (yes, by that i mean the many, many people who will somehow stumble into this place) of you may be in denial concerning your own weirdness or may simply find it uninteresting.

okay, that said, i hope somebody somewhere may find this place worth wasting their time in. really, just that one person is all i need. really. a connection. sniff. understanding. empathy. sniff. sniff. and so, if anything on the pages you inspires you to make a comment or suggestion, please feel free to go with that feeling. leave your mark! however, if you are considering writing to call me mean names or otherwise disturb my delicate sense of self worth, i would like to discourage that.

please do not pick the butterflies