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Good! Now, DON'T move!

Alright, now raise your arms above your head... SLOWLY.

Gooooood. Very, very good.

Remove your shoes.


Right shoe first, please.

Thank you.

Now put each of your big toes in the nostril on the side of your body corresponding to the opposite toe.

Don't worry, just concentrate. I'm sure you can do it.....

WHEW! Very good.
Princess Lola 220 was testing your loyalty. I am very glad to see that you have passed the test...

What I am about to reveal relates to top secret weirdo mission stinkyrat220. It is for NOONE's ears but yours!

Princess Lola 220's recent absence has been due to unexpected to difficulties withing operation divisional number 11. Yes, that's right. The 97-foot trout. Operational failure. I realize that this is somewhat of a disappointment, and Lola has recently been occupied with soothing over bubbles this has caused in foreign relations. The good news, HOWEVER, is that we have learned MUCH from this experience that will surely benefit further aspects of stinkyrat. Parmesan, for example, is not compatable, as a building material, with the Los Angeles climate. Now we know. So, the important thing for us here is to take stock in our current situation, and press onward. Princess Lola promises never again to ignore the needs of her fellow and beloved weirdos for so extended a period of time, and hopes that they will forgive her. As always, sharing and communication is encouraged.
PRESS ONWARD, fellow weirdos! To the polar coasts and beyond!